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Company "Trans-Znak" ” is happy to represent its production to your attention. Our production is SIGNS intended for protection of people’s lives. Our production is done in strict accordance with the documents which are specified for each unit, and also in conformity with the Technical Conditions (4267-001-59494931-2014.)

Signs on self-sticky PVC film are to be pasted to smooth, clean, degreased surfaces at temperatures above 10 degrees on Celsius. In case of observance of pasting conditions the period of outdoor exploitation can be up to three years at temperatures from minus 40 up to plus 80 degrees on Celsius. The images on signs are drawn with proof against sunlight, atmospheric precipitation and wearing out materials.

It is also possible to make Signs on PVC film with exploitation up to 5 or 10 years. The photoluminescent covering of signs provides brightness of luminescence of 20 mkd/m2 during one hour from the moment of termination of influence of a light source.

Signs on metal basis are made on zinced or aluminium iron with thickness from 0.5 up to 2 mm.

Signs on plastic basis are made on polystyrene with thickness from 0.5 up to 10 mm.

IMO Signs and Symbols intended to be used on ships are certified in accordance with the Russian Sea Register of Navigation Certificate # 01.209.010 dated July, 20, 2001.

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198096, Saint-Petersburg, Kronstadtskaya str. 21, “Trans-Znak ” Ph. 8 800 550 10 95 e-mail:

Danger and safety signs

Safety signs are combined color and graphic images of a certain geometric shape. The images used:

  • signal and contrasting colors;
  • graphic symbols;
  • inscriptions that warn of potential or immediate danger.

Danger signs are intended to:

  • to warn people;
  • to prohibit or order the performance of any actions;
  • to inform about the presence of dangerous objects nearby.

Safety signs are manufactured in accordance with established GOST standards. We use high-tech equipment and a multi-stage quality control system.

Materials from which danger and safety signs are made:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • reflective self-adhesive film.

The described products are a mandatory attribute of any enterprise, public building, or educational institution. All managers are interested in high-quality labor protection, therefore they consider the equipment of premises in accordance with established rules to be a mandatory procedure.

Photoluminescent signs

The photoluminescent coating of the signs provides a luminescence brightness of 20 mcd/m2 for at least one hour from the moment they are no longer exposed to the light source. 

Afterglow duration 1500 minutes

Trans-sign LLC offers photoluminescent signs in the following categories:

  • to indicate the direction of movement to emergency exits. In critical situations, salvation directly depends on the ability of people to navigate independently during a power outage. A special feature of our products is a long afterglow period;
  • fire photoluminescent signs (directional arrows, fire hydrant, fire escape, etc.);
  • prohibiting safety signs (prohibition of smoking, passage, access, etc.);
  • indicators of medical and sanitary facilities (green).

Our own production allows us to offer photoluminescent signs at an affordable price. The price of products depends on the material (film, plastic), size, type, batch size.

Advantages of photoluminescent signs: 

  • made from durable film of excellent quality; 
  •  visibility in the absence of lighting or in conditions of heavy smoke; 
  •  resistance to fading, mechanical stress; 
  •  maintaining clarity and fullness of colors throughout the entire period of operation.


The listed advantages are achieved thanks to the technology of direct printing on photoluminescent film or plastic panels. We use regular, high and medium luminosity film, depending on customer requirements.

Signs can be applied to a plastic base, a homogeneous monolithic material. This option is more expensive, but has higher performance characteristics:

  • non-flammability;

  • resistance to high temperatures and moisture;

  • resistance to chemicals;

  • resistance to vandals;

  • high hygiene and environmental friendliness;

  • maintaining initial characteristics in the temperature range from minus 40º to plus 60º.

Signs with reflective film are usually installed outdoors.

Danger signs, as well as other product options, can be ordered from our company Trans-Znak LLC. Our own production base, strict step-by-step control, our many years of experience are guarantees of product quality.

We work at St. Petersburg, st. Shvetsova, 41 (Technopark No. 1) building 9, floor 1. Telephone 8 800 550 10 95. e-mail:

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